• This course presents a general overview of basic chemistry. Topics include the periodic table, chemical properties, chemical structure, compounds, equations, and reactions. This course introduces students to the basic concepts of chemistry such as the mole, molar mass, and Avogadro’s number. Teacher demonstrations, student laboratories, and student-centered activities are regular parts of the instruction. The course is aimed at providing the student with information, scientific principles, applications, and investigations. It is specifically geared toward non-science/nonmath majors. Students who have taken or are taking Chemistry with lab cannot take this course.

  • This is a first-year course in modern chemistry designed to provide the student with basic knowledge of concepts including atomic structure, quantum mechanics, bonding, behavior of gases, chemical reactions, equilibrium, and understanding of the ―mole‖ concept. This course has a strong emphasis on the application of mathematical concepts in a scientific setting. Students will learn how to utilize the scientific method coupled with dimensional analysis to solve scientific problems. At the end of the course, students should be creative and competent problem solvers. [Prerequisite:

    431-Algebra I, 441-Geometry or 430 Geometry Honors (may be taken simultaneously), 541-Inquiry Biology w/Lab, 541A-Inquiry Biology w/Lab Honors, or 542-Applied Biology, with a grade of 85 or better; 541A-Inquiry Biology w/Lab Honors, or 541-Inquiry Biology w/Lab may be taken simultaneously]